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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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now, as for what was going on inside, they were essentially prepping this old hangar for demolition. the demolition scheduled for tomorrow. but these nine workers were outfitting the building, in preparation to take it down. and two other similar hangars in this area also scheduled for demolition. no word at this point whether the port authority has postponed either this demolition or the other two or exactly what went wrong. but clearly, an old collapsing and crumbling building couldn't wait for the scheduled demolition tomorrow. the bottom line, of the nine workers inside, this could have been a lot worse. four of them hurt, two seriously. but nonlife threatening. they are at newark university hospital at this hour. live at newark liberty international airport, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> thank you. and now to breaking news. former tennis star james blake was taken to the ground by police officers in midtown today who apparently mistook him for a criminal. it happened outside the grand hyatt on east 42nd street where he was waiting for a car to take him to the u.s. open in queens. sources tell news 4 a man working with undercover officers
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identified blake as a suspect in an identity theft ring. five officers reportedly slammed blake to the ground and handcuffed him. but he was quickly released. blake suffered some cuts and bruises. we have a reporter on this story and we'll keep you updated on any developments. a new warning is about to be posted on menus at some new york city restaurants. the target this time, salt. what you're going to see, and where. michael. >> reporter: chuck, we're outside america's largest tgi fridays, and they'll need to reprint the mens after today. restaurants in new york are being told they need to warn customers which items on the menu have high salt or face a fine. pretty soon, you'll see this little salt shaker icon on restaurant menus. it's a warning letting you know the food you're about to order is high in salt. >> this is a great day for new york, and a real step forward for public health. >> reporter: new york city is the first city in the nation to require restaurants to post sodium warning labels.
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>> all in favor -- aye. any opposed? it passes unanimously. >> reporter: the board of health passed the rules today. it takes effect in december, and only applies to chain restaurants. any food with more than 2300 milligrams of sodium gets a salt shaker icon next to it on the menu. health experts say samt lt is the biggest contributor to heart disease and strokes. >> we're talking about the leading cause of death in the united states and in our city. >> reporter: 2300 milligrams or one teaspoon of salt is the recommended daily dose of sodium. we checked the nutritional info of food. jack daniel's sampler has more than 4300 milligrams of sodium. and the famous bloomin onion 38 hundred milligrams. let's say i get the shrimp and spinach salad. that's still close to 3,000 milligrams of sodium. restaurant owners slam the new rules telling us, quote, this is the latest in a long litany of superfluous hoops restaurants here in new york must jump through.
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every one of these cumbersome new laws makes it tougher and tougher for restaurants to find success. but customers we spoke with are behind the idea. >> but it just informs the public about what they're actually eating. and i think that will just lead to people making healthier choices. >> reporter: and we did reach out to all the restaurants we featured in our story. none of them have yet returned our calls for comment. live in midtown, michael george, news 4 new york. >> michael, thank you. have you seen this video? a jumbo jet's engine bursting into flames on a las vegas runway with passengers and crew on board. imagine being caught in this scene while preparing for takeoff. shiba russell is here with new information we're learning. >> talk about scary, sibilia. passengers could see smoke billowing from both sides of the plane, ferocious flames, windows melting. federal investigators are now on the ground in las vegas trying to figure out why this plane's left engine suddenly caught fire. by day break, the heavily charred british airways jet had been towed from the runway in
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las vegas. close-up photos show how extensive the damage is. >> may day, may day. >> reporter: it blurts into flames yesterday just as the boeing 777 headed down the runway bound for london. >> he was doing almost 100 miles per fur when he slammed the brakes on. >> we have an aircraft on fire with people coming out. >> there were passengers saying there's a fire, there's a fire. >> reporter: the fire started in the left engine and quickly grew into some terrifying but heroic ments, especially by the crew. >> there was no hesitation from them whatsoever. the exit doors were open. they were literally in full swing. it was like clockwork for them, to be honest. it's obviously scary for them too. >> reporter: 170 people on board, more than two dozen injured trying to evacuate. none seriously. >> everybody that got off before me, as soon as they hit the tarmac, they just sprinted. because behind us are giant flames. >> reporter: well, the runways at mccarron international airport are back open tonight. all of those injured out of the
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hospital, and extremely grateful. this fire didn't happen after takeoff. chuck? >> i would say so, shiba. thank you. baltimore officials approved a $6.4 million settlement with the family of freddie gray. gray died in april after suffering a critical spinal injury in police custody. x baltimore police officers are facing criminal charges. the city's mayor says the settlement should not be seen as a judgment on the guilt or innocence of those involved, but encysts that settling now is in the best interest of the city and avoids years of costly litigation. >> we came to the conclusion that it is -- that this settlement is in the best interest of protecting taxpayers. this settlement also represents an opportunity to bring a measure of closure to the gray family. to the community and to the city. >> gray's death sparked days of protests and rioting. the head of baltimore's police union condemned today's approval, calling the decision to settle before trial obscene. two survivors of the
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charleston church massacre are opening up about the painful day. a woman told lester holt she watched her wounded son slip away right before her eyes. >> i remember my son sayi , "mamg, he shot me in the head." >> your granddaughter was with you? >> yes. but i was telling my son -- i said, "just -- just lay here. just lay here." >> heartbreaking. you can sigh more of lester holt's exclusive interview tonight at 6:30 on "nbc nightly news." still ahead on news 4 new york at 5:00, what you should know before you volunteer to host brunch any time soon. pope francis is going to be here in just two weeks. the must-do items on the holy father's list of he new york city visit. and dealing with drought conditions. what you need to do and when. the super bowl halftime performer who is being asked to do it again, already, because he
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was that good. we'll tell you who it is, next.
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new jersey residents, pay close attention to this.
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water restrictions willttake effect for some of you tomorrow. >> the sshltering heat and lackh of rain are au ng daought conditions, and now mahwah is the latest to take emergency action. tracy strayhan has the information you need to know. >> reporter: this has become a ritual in nick de freezes yard this summer. >> whenever it doesn't really rain a lot, i'll thr some water on my lawn, that's it. >> reporter: startinalthursday, there will be a crackdown on the early morning spritz so many in mahwah have been forced to do, thanks o dry, hot conditions. the township is facing what officials call a level two local water emergency. and has imposed restrictions on outdoor watering over concerns about low water reserves. >> you can kind of see the level -- this would be flowing. >> reporter: mahwah's mayor, bill le fort, led us to the basin. >> we are getting low in our well. so we're concerned. it's hot. it's dry. and we need to conserve.
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>> reporter: the township's advisory allows residents in even-numbered homes to water wns on monday, wednesday and friday. odd-number homes tuesday, thursday and satur y. no one can do it on sundays, and no one can do it between midnight and 6:00 in the morning. >> i want to drink the stuff, not water grass. it's going to come back. >> reporter: those who rebel and use water anyway could face fines, and a possible court appearance. >> nobody wants to see brown grass, but eventually that will be the measure. if you have green grass, you'll be violating those resources. >> reporter: we're now hours away from sprinklers around town being silenced, at least for a while. the restrictions are set to go into effect at 6:00 thursday morning, and the mayor says if residents don't comply, even more stringent restrictions could be on the horizon. in mahwah, tracy strayhan, news 4 new york. >> so we are feeling some precipitation. but is it in the most-needed areas? >> very isolated storms. ere are a couple pockets here and there.
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most areas still dry today. but there was a big to that moved over s ten isla that's w moved through parts of queens. look, there was some wind damage, too, on top of the heavy rain. this is in donningen hills. viewers captured the flash flooding. this blew through aroun 4:0e is afternoon. the flood advisory was cancelled before 5:00. and now the storm appears to be akening. so that's good news. most of it is off shore. however, a couple more over parts of ocean county and a lot more to come in the next 24 hours. most of that is going to be tomorrow. this is a live view now from our top of the rock camera, about an hour ago. the sky was literally black in that corner on the left-hand side of your screen when that storm was moving over staten island. it's getting a little bit better there now. and the sun is out in the city, as well. temperatures, 80 degrees, partly sunny skies. they had to suspend play at the u.s. open because of the storm. like i said, most of that is weakening now and moving off shore. now, so for the rest of this evening, one or two thunderstorms possible. we still have some retracting
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over ocean county. most areas will be dry, but if the storm does get dark and looks threatening, you should move indoors immediately. tomorrow morning, we're going to have some showers for s the rning commute. a break in the middle of the day, and then heavy thunderstorms for the evening commute. so we'er gotge day tomorrow where the weather is going to be very, very tricky and we're going to be tracking and monitoring it throughout the day in storm team 4 and our weather center. here's the storm that once was over staten island, over parts of queens, near long beach. it's weakening now and is mainly off shore. but it extends all the way down into northern monmouth county. big storm around jackson right now with a bit of hail. that's moving towards the jersey shore, and also crestwood village, just to the west of toms river. you have to watch out there, as well. the storm is headed toward the shore. back to the west, we can see the actual cold front. this is what's coming tomorrow that will bring even more rainfall and maybe some heavy rain, and we could be dealing with mor flooding across the area. so this evening, it's just spotty stuff.
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nstomorrow, bigger storms, heavier rain, end to the heatwave after today with a high of only 80. we're talking anywhere from generally 1 to 2 inches of rain tomorrow, but there could be some spots with up to 3 inches of rain, street and highway flooding possible late tonight and into tomorrow. will this end the drought? no, it won't end it, but certainly help. today was the last day of the heatwave. up to 90 degrees in the city today, no record set today, but the third day of 90 does make it a heatwave. that's it. newark at 91. 87 at laguardia. 86 in islip. temperatures down today from what we saw yesterday with the searing heat. tropical humidity is in place now. so these storms are going to have a lot of moisture with them, as they increase across the area tomorrow. but a nice break coming up on saturday. of friday into saturday with lower humidity and comfortable te smperatures, even some 70s on sunday. but we may see some more rain. that helps, too. in terms of the drought. seven-day forecast shows the soaking thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow.
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only around 80 the next few da ys, but the is sun is out on friday, saturday and a few more orms sunday. it's the first day of school, classrooms empty. in one state out west, a teacher strike in washington forced thousands of kids to stay home. 5,300 educators picketed after a breakdown in overnight negotiations. seattle public schools and teachers' union failed to reach a contract agreement that would include pay raises and evaluations. and vacation ended early for thousands of carnival cruise ip passengers when the ship's engine caught fire. it h pened on monday in st. thomas where the carnival liberty is docked. ththe company flew more than 3,000 people home. remaining stops on the sen'ven-night cruise are now cancelled and carnival has apologized and will issue full refunds toev[ ybody. we have been hearing about an egg shortage for months now. an>>d ns we're feeling the effects here in the tristate. we found these signs at a stop and shop store in teaneck, new jersey. the store said it would be
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working with local farmers to stock eggs at the lowest prices possible. the shortage is due to a bird flu virus that wiped out millions of chickens on commercial farms this spring. queenielizabeth ii reached a major milestone today. the 89-year-old is now the longest reigning monarch in hi ostory. she broke the record held by her great, great grandmother, queen victor who served for 63 years and 7 months. people celebrated the occasion but queen elizabeth spent the day in scotland. an update now on deflategate. the new england patriots are asking the nfl to allow them to reinstate two employees at the center of the controversy. equipment assistant john i can't strum ski and jim mcnally suspended after allegations of deflated footballs at the afc title game. mcnally referred to himself as the deflator in a text obtained by investigators. the patriots continue to deny any wrongdoing. the nfl says it is reviewing the request.
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and the nfl apparently liked uno mars' super bowl performance so much, it's already asked him back. yeah, remember that? the singer and his band headlined the show just two years ago, and now he is being asked to perform at the super bowl 50 in february. 115 million people watched his last performance. this year's game played in santa clara, california, on february 7th. thought he was exceptional. still ahead, as we continue, say hello to ellen. >> what is up, new york! >> that's the way you start it. the popular talk show host is using rockefeller center as her stage. the episodes haven't aired yet, t we w e invited to give you a sneak peek at the party at the plaza, nt. >>in> and coming up at 6:00, school bus strike threat. just as thousands of students ad back to class, why local drivers may soon be on the pickett lines instead of behind the wheel. next at 6:00.
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there you are, ellen degeneres taking over rockefeller plaza. >> this week the "ellen" show started its usual show in l.a. but for the next few days, it's all about new york city. >> gus rosendale gives us a peek at what you're going to see. >> here she is now, from new york city's rockefeller center, ellen degeneres! >> reporter: ellen degeneres launches her new season surrounded by thousands of her biggest fans. >> it's just fun. ellen is fun. >> reporter: a bicoastal premier week stretching from los angeles -- >> i couldn't get tickets but still got to see the show. >> reporter: all the way here to rockefeller center in new york city. city. not everyone can get out to l.a. >> reporter: you can see more of the crowds behind me here at rockefeller center where crews spent the labor day weekend constructing a state-of-the-art outside studio. hundreds of lights, miles of cable, all allowing the ellen degeneres show to come from the
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heart of midtown, manhattan, to millions of homes across the country. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton on stage talking politics and trying a few dance moves. >> i'm not asking people to vote for me because i'm a woman, but i think if you vote for somebody on the merits, one of my merits is i'm a woman. >> reporter: this crowd got to hear ellen's new theme song. composed and performed by pink. >> the biggest honor in the world. ellen calls and asks you to write a song for her. >> reporter: the show, now in its 13th season, attracts an international fan base. these women watched back at home in the uk. >> i like the pranks she plays sometimes. >> reporter: even temperatures in the 90s couldn't keep the crowds away. >> big ellen fans so we endured the heat to stay here, try to catch a little peek. >> reporter: a unique look at a familiar tv star. what. >> is up, new york! >> reporter: live and in person. >> goodbye, everybody! thank you, new york! see you tomorrow! >> reporter: in midtown, gus rosendale, news 4 new york. >> we will definitely see her tomorrow. other guests this week include
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"tonight show" host jimmy fallon and you can watch the shows taped here in new york tomorrow and friday right here on nbc 4 at 4:00. >> and david ushery is here with what's new at 5:30. an admitted terrorist making alarming statements from behind bars. why he says a local terror cell he was linked to wanted to shoot up the white house. but he says he doesn't hate america. also, a hungarian camera woman hired to document desperate migrants tonight is part of the story for what she did on camera. and it's a popular app you may have on your phone right now. why the what's app service could be putting your personal information at risk. that's all coming up at 5:30. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail
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right now on news 4 new york, plans to shoot up the white house. an admitted local terrorist reveals details on a d.c. plot. and today that new jersey man confessed he was trying to join isis and fight with the terror group. >> but even more surprising, news from court that some of his alleged associates were talking about shooting at the white house. our chief investigative reporter, jonathan dienst is here with late-breaking details. >> when suspects of the so-called isis army were rounded up, there was talk of possible targets. today one lawyer says some of the suspects were talking about getting guns and traveling to washington, d.c. to carry out an attack. at newark federal court, samuel
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topaz admitted he was trying to get to syria to fight with isis terrorists. his lawyer says topaz wanted no part of his friends' talk of a possible plan b, to go to d.c. with guns and shot people in and around the white house. >> it's sick, and it's sad. >> reporter: and the white house was one place they talked about? >> one place i heard, if they could get on the grounds they would, you know, attack the white house. >> reporter: this defense lawyer says with today's plea deal, topaz is sorry and is prepared to testify against the others. they were arrested in new jersey, staten island and queens th ais summer. under the deal, the 21-year-old is hoping to get a sentence less than 15 years. >> my job is to save his life. >> reporter: one associate did make it overseas for a time, but the attorneys said others had become frustrated. >> the group had a problem, because they weren't getting out of the country. and they were going to go do some kind of sacrificial attack somewhere. >> reporter: the feds say there
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was no specific plot here, but over the summer, when fbi agents went to make arrests, one suspect had allegedly scouted the gw bridge, and two allegedly tried to attack agents with knives. intelligence officials warn isis recruiters overseas are still using the internet to try to get lone wolves here to act. al qaeda terrorists in yemen have put out another edition of their inspire magazine, again calling for attacks on the u.s., including the targeting of some high-profile financial leaders. in the news room, jonathan dienst, back to you. >> thank you. chopper 4 over the scene of an accident in union county. a car crashed into a building in kenilworth on a busy stretch of route 22. police say officers had been pursuing the vehicle after an incident in nearby union when this accident happened. no one was hurt. it was back to school for more than 1 million kids across the five boroughs today. including students at seven schools on the john f. kennedy
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campus in the bronx. severely damaged by gas explosion last month. and while it was a day of new schedules, first-day jitters and old friends, there was one universal subject, the heat. news 4's lori bordonaro has more. >> wearing shorts and t-shirts, students arrived on staten island. their first assignment, staying cool. >> my brother doesn't like summer. >> reporter: but it feels like summer with temps topping 90 degrees. ps-59 has air conditioning, but matt kerwynn teaches at ps-74 where the classrooms are sweltering. >> it wasn't this hot in june. it never got to 90 degrees in june. so we'll see how today -- yesterday was pretty rough. it was just staff, but it was pretty rough. >> reporter: about one-third of new york city schools have no air conditioning. in connecticut, some schools are opting for early dismissal. but in new york city, classes will end on time this week. >> the reality is, if the world doesn't have air conditioning and they survive -- >> we're always sensitive to weather dynamics, and we take precautions.
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always making sure kids are


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